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A Formal Apology.

I feel horrendous. I have let this blog deteriorate, grow in obscurity to a purgatory. I realize it’s been months since I’ve posted anything new… and I feel terrible because I have suddenly realized how much it betrays any person’s even possible interest. To any followers out there who are still with me, I thank you. I have been distracted cutting the line between the growth of reflection and the attraction of experience; for the last several months the hunger for experience has outweighed my need for reflection. Here’s to realizing what’s important in my life again. I hope you will see more of me in the upcoming weeks.

Most Sincerely,



In Transit.

Sitting on a subway I see a sunset skyline. The stalwart buildings peacefully standing as a solid contrast to the hues of the oncoming night. It’s so awe-inspiringly awesome that I can’t help but smile. Yet something feels off. I sit here and get the sense that I will not  remember this image. For one reason or another, perhaps because I am tired or maybe because I am excited, I probably will not remember this beautiful scene. I try my hardest to imprint it in my mind, to hold on to it as best I can, but I feel like I’m failing. And at this sense I come close to crying. It’s not out of sorrow for the picture lost in my mind, but instead out of the joy that there could be so much more beauty that holds its preeminent place. The simple fact is that despite not being able to remember this means little because of all that there is to look forward to.