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On a pronunciation of ‘I am’

To the speaker,

I couldn’t help but

notice that little difference in your voice,

your ‘I’ swings low, into a lul,

almost saying, if not following a ‘U’

in its shape.


The ‘a’ appears almost over matured,

crafting a din like an ‘e’

but resounding like an ‘æ

forgotten in olden days and long past times.


As the ‘a’ strikes against the ‘m’

there is a hidden subject,

a small child between the letters,

something that smacks of an ‘l’,

but just barely.


In your voice I can hear

the ‘a’ reaching out to the ‘m’,

as if afraid to fall short- terrified.

and I can feel your tongue

reaching out to the roof of your mouth.

Like the tentative tongue of a virgin’s

reaching towards the labia

of a woman he doesn’t love.



Ode to a Lost Thought

Though you are a beautiful notion,

You have come too late in this day,

You rise only to be stunted-

By my resigned and resenting eyelids.

Though you may never see day-

Be breathed unto the intellectual air-

Or feel the freedom of ink and page,

Know that you were my own,

One that I loved though I can not remember,

You are undoubtedly one that I cherish,

For you have risen with me, by me, and for me,

You are one of the few I can call my own.