Monthly Archives: October 2012

Under the Footfalls

People stand the same,

As leaves of grass after a frost,

The past had chilled them,

While the shining future warms to them.

But even those bathed in the reanimated dew

Still look upon their brothers,

For as the hopeful sun rises,

There are shapes of darkness that drift across the land,

Holding some in the shadows for a little longer.


How dreadfully bitter it must be-

To look upon the future with a warm heart,

And look upon your brethren with a cold shudder.



No body.

There lies a child,

dead in the road,

a child to someone,

perhaps already a parent to someone else.

I see it as I drive on,

No body stops,

No body cares.

Further along there are firetrucks, and police cars, and ambulances,

But none of them notice the child,

They’re busy looking at something else.

The child still lies there, I’m sure.

Other cars have probably hit it without looking or caring,

No body has enough dignity to even drag it to the side of the road,

A place where, perhaps, it might lie in whatever peace it has left.

We are all animals, why does no one else care about this one?

Everything Burns.

Nothing matters anymore,

Not when you see the sky in flames,

Everyone stops,

Everyone gawks.

The sunset seems premature,

The sky has turned red and orange and black,

All the clouds roil in this beginning of the evening.

Looking up to see this- I smile,

“All is equal”, I say, and chuckle to myself,

“Heaven burns too.”