Monthly Archives: July 2012

Another African Musing.

This will probably be a short post but it is a snippet from my notebook in Africa. This one goes out to Sylv, thanks for taking an interest and thanks for the request. ūüôā

Cockatieled feathers and glistening emerald. It is amazing how abruptly differences in area cross my path. Walking down a sidewalk a bird plumed in a brilliant green lands in my way. I stop. Here is a spectacular meeting embodying the essence of cultural travel; my wonderment, his indifference. As I stand aghast at the fantastic color of this bird, it personifies nonchalance. That¬†amazement at something that may appear so mundane is the beauty of travel and exploration. One man’s mundanity can be another’s fascination.



I was walking around a bookstore today and stumbled across a book that slightly offended me, purely by the idea of it. It was a book designed to give people ideas for¬†graffiti¬†. I love street art, I think it is a beautiful form of expression. But it is inherently¬†that:¬†¬†expression. I suppose I imagine the audience for this book to be those who want to make a mark but don’t yet have a statement to make. And I can’t help but feel that it should implicitly be those who have something to say that should be speaking up, so to speak.


Does psuedo-urgent news create a fatalistic society? I’m sitting here, enjoying a fine evening, and up comes the news with a new report on how people could all start dying. I’m sure that if I cared to finish watching it, it would go on to slowly reveal the minimal possibility of this latest danger. I don’t mean for this to be some depressing digression on the nature of dim broadcasts or nihilistic life views, I’m more bemusedly commenting on how I compare my own ‘Live now!’ mentality with the echoing news reports that I now recognize as coming in from all angles. I’ve developed over the years the idea, grim as it may be, that I should live life to its absolute capacity for the simple reason that life is full of chances. I could live to be ninety, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow. These are the headlines linking soda to cancer, and vague possibilities to real threats. What if people were told that we had years to live? What if people stepped back from all the negativity and realized exactly all the options out there in life? How restricted are we by the information placed before us,¬†irrelevant¬†or not? A lot of open-ended questions, that I don’t really need answered, but would like considered. Thoughts?