In an instant there is so much I can witness. As a preface to this realization, I used to be absolutely terrified of spiders as a kid. Recently, in the past few years, I’ve been frequently using the phrase ‘I’m over it’ when in reality it’s more of a sense of forced indifference than anything else. However, in a moment, that outlook changed. Now, I was walking through the kitchen I flick on the lights and begin rummaging for some midnight snack. As I look for a knife to hack off a rather generous chunk of manchego cheese, I see a spider sitting very complacently along a wall. I stop a bit short, but have no real reaction; I avoid it as much as I can and go about my business. It was at this point an interaction was held, not between a man and an arachnid, no, between two beings on their right and equal level of existence. This spider flinched at the sound of my rifling or the light or whatever it may have been. And my body flinched as well. But ahhh… here is the point of fascination. It was not out of fear but out of compassion for this slighted creature, the simple unifying commiseration of understanding the resentment that comes from being risen out of a slumber. It is in this moment, through this earthly interaction, I witness something beautiful, and that is when, for any number of reasons, fear is overpowered by compassion.


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2 responses to “Overpowered.

  • daysnet

    You are a better man than I. I find the little “creatures” a distraction to the point of serious harm. A couple of years ago I was driving and pulled down the visor in the sun and there sitting on the visor was a GINOURMOUS creature. I was so flustered that I wound down the window and began to try and “shoo” it out the window. The worst part was the emotion was getting the best of me. I didn’t pull the car to the side of the road and use the newspaper sitting on the seat beside me to edge it out – here was I driving along a busy street screaming for this huge creature to remove itself from my car. No care no responsibility!!! I came out of it alive and continued on my way but the consequences could have been a whole lot different. IF the creature was never there I would not be recounting this little experience. Fascination and understanding be damned – get the bloody thing out of there as fast as possible.

  • justsomecollegekid

    Thank you for the compliment of courage. Really though, it’s not something I could have predicted or ever expected. It was really inspiring to experience such a simple yet overwhelming compassion, even for a creature I used to think of as detestable. I suppose there are just times when the way you see things shifts radically.Thank you so much for commenting!

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