Monthly Archives: May 2012


In an instant there is so much I can witness. As a preface to this realization, I used to be absolutely terrified of spiders as a kid. Recently, in the past few years, I’ve been frequently using the phrase ‘I’m over it’ when in reality it’s more of a sense of forced indifference than anything else. However, in a moment, that outlook changed. Now, I was walking through the kitchen I flick on the lights and begin rummaging for some midnight snack. As I look for a knife to hack off a rather generous chunk of manchego cheese, I see a spider sitting very complacently along a wall. I stop a bit short, but have no real reaction; I avoid it as much as I can and go about my business. It was at this point an interaction was held, not between a man and an arachnid, no, between two beings on their right and equal level of existence. This spider flinched at the sound of my rifling or the light or whatever it may have been. And my body flinched as well. But ahhh… here is the point of fascination. It was not out of fear but out of compassion for this slighted creature, the simple unifying commiseration of understanding the resentment that comes from being risen out of a slumber. It is in this moment, through this earthly interaction, I witness something beautiful, and that is when, for any number of reasons, fear is overpowered by compassion.


Man Alone with Himself

I have found, both in the past and recently, that there is little that can be more personally detrimental than when anyone is allotted too much time for their own thoughts. To sit and stew in one’s own perceptions and distortions, progressively spiraling out from reality is an absolute hell, one that is so sickening and perverse I can declare proudly that I would prefer to walk willingly into the jaws of┬áCerberus┬áthan endure this gluttony of thought undisturbed. But there is one relief, so absolute that it gives light and a vantage point salving retrospect to all internal suffering and insecurity, and that is when a person extends their hand. When anyone is willing to hold another’s burden for even a moment, or even do so much as to slightly defer their attention from it, is such an act of kindness bordering on flawless altruism… it’s beautiful…