Mental Block.

This piece started and still, for the most part is, a stream of consciousness starting with the idea of a mental block. A little hint of my internal monologue.

A mind can be, or is, a machine-esque operation, a fluid and productive movement of its parts. Yet, at times, this matter of production, can falter. Between its gears and cogs, are the tid-bits of personal minutia that detract from perfect productivity. While one might care to fancy that we are the ‘machine’, the process and epitomal output, one cannot forget that they are, forevermore, the detritus as well. That emotional or fanciful clutter is the hallmark of who a person is. And it is not enough to understand that we are separated by our individualities, there must be a reaction. There must be some change in mental operation to prove that existence of any mental activity. This could range from emotions throwing off a person’s everyday tasks to the mulling over of a concept that eventually results in a decision. As an example, this is the difference between acknowledging a preference and being affected by it. One can have a strong inclination  towards peppermint stick ice cream, but until that preference actually has an effect it stands as a purposeless fact. it is a matter, in essence, of the sign-signified relationships of the brain. The sign being the acknowledged preference and the signified being the live manifestation within actions. This action may be the simple choice of peppermint stick over vanilla. In total, while the seemingly unrelated minutia can hold up grander productivity, it is exactly that difficulty that puts a person behind a product.


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Specifically anonymous, sorry if that is a bit off, but I do it so that I can get feedback as though my writing were completely removed from myself. As such, I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Many Thanks. View all posts by justsomecollegekid

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