Books with a Past

Recently, I asked one of my professors if he could recommend a text that would help me with a particular essay. Without delay he rummaged through the shelves of his office and lent me his copy of a text, an action which I am highly grateful for. There is only one oddity that I have noted in this. The text that he lent me is filled to the brim with his markings and annotations. I find nothing wrong with marking up books, in fact I heavily support the practice, but its the glimpse into his thought process which makes me mildly uncomfortable. To use the term lightly, it feels voyeuristic. While in this scenario it creates a mild unsettled feeling, it is the one thing I love about combing through used bookstores. Feeling a history in the pages, not just the words. On one day in particular I found a book that I will never forget. A copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince with two things tucked under the cover: A train stub from New York to Boston, and a visitor’s map of Beth Israel hospital… oh the stories that holds…


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