Monthly Archives: January 2012


Balance. From my perspective it is a well-known and very widely accepted fact that balance is one of the necessities of life. Yet, one particular balance has occurred to me lately, that which lies between the intellectual and the visceral. There needs to be moderation between these two individual factors.  The ‘visceral’ in this sense is classified as the real and the guttural, the enjoyments that are nothing more than a physical form of gratification or experience. There is no reason that these actions should carry a negative connotation, but there is the simple aspect that there is no cerebral depth. This is the side that is balanced by intellectual exercise. The mind allows for a comprehensive and ultimately yielding interpretation of the actual. Therefore, there appears to be a symbiotic relationship between these two. Both can exist separate from each other, yet, both are amplified by the other. Pure, immediate actions springing from truly instinctual drives can be ideal as the source of philosophic digression. Due to the occasionally surprising basis for such actions it is entirely possible to wonder at the action, choices, motives, or other factors concerning any experience. As such any experience, basic or visceral, has the ability to feed the curiosity of the mind. Yet, the balance between these is both key and interesting. If there is little first-hand experiences that is accrued, understanding and interpretation risks becoming ungrounded. Equally, there needs to be an adequate sense and understanding of occurrences in order for them to hold significance. Additionally through this exploration, these actions are set against a more purposeful background, removing the edge of their lack of productivity.

As this has been a wordy rambling of sorts, here is the realistic example of how this has come up. I have found that if I give in to my lethargy when I am allowed. I become entirely unproductive, hedonistically indulging every whim on the questionable basis “I’ve deserved this due to the semester’s work load”. While this may be true (I really don’t think I’m the most unbiased judge when asking whether I deserve a break) the real matter that my mind feels like it’s going to waste has been peeving me. So thus I decided to balance it all out with a specialized tangent concerning it. I’m not saying that the occasional bout of lethargy is a horrendous act, but moderation helps too. And in this thought process I have stumbled upon, but perhaps not entirely explored, how basic selfish acts can feed into personal development, in at least one sense.