Lately I’ve been wondering the simple question: Why can’t a story just be a story? I have realized that it can’t because it isn’t. It is a collection of the author, of unconscious ideas or prevalent opinions or topics within them. While I have been one of the biggest opponents of inherent authorial representation within writing, it seems quite  apparent now. Previously I hated the view that no author could create something outside them self, yet, now I look kindly on this. The reason for this change is that I have found that there is much individuality and interest to be represented within everyone. The space of ideas outside of one’s self seems more finite and unreachable than the introspective depths of the self which are near endless.


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Specifically anonymous, sorry if that is a bit off, but I do it so that I can get feedback as though my writing were completely removed from myself. As such, I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Many Thanks. View all posts by justsomecollegekid

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