Let this first musing serve as a guideline for what will probably be the general style of this blog.  I’ll be struck with a word or idea and then expand on it, sometimes it will be interesting, other times entirely incoherent. I’ll try my best to filter out the latter category. Speaking of categories, I will try to keep some recurrent themes in the titles. These will include descriptions like ‘Musing’, ‘Rant’, ‘Venting’, that sort of thing. Here goes.

Content. I am often content. I often look to be content. Content, in my definition, is best described as a feeling of ‘all is well’. Is it wrong? Some people always look to go beyond simply content. They are always looking for some awe-striking euphoria, and always pushing the envelope to find it. Is it sad that I am more than happy to sit where I am, even if it be nothing more than mildly pleased? That would depend on whether I squat because I am afraid of losing what I have or if I sit because I have seen what the other side looks like and have decided my grass is green enough. Often the latter. I have seen what it looks like to go too far. It is ugly, it is disgusting, but above all it is sorrowful. The other side is an existence that is nearly beaten to death by odds. Odds are that one will end up in a crippled mass rather than any lasting euphoria. No, I like where I am. I would like to count that as a matured appreciation of where I stand rather than what others would call cowardice to go beyond.


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Specifically anonymous, sorry if that is a bit off, but I do it so that I can get feedback as though my writing were completely removed from myself. As such, I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Many Thanks. View all posts by justsomecollegekid

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